Whether you believe it or not, marketing IS the key to success in ANY business. This is especially true in the auto repair business. Today’s vehicle are made better, require less overall maintenance than before, and simply put, car counts are down nation wide. If you’re not actively working to bring in new clients, and just waiting for things to break ( I call it the break/fix business model ) then you’re in BIG trouble in the coming months/years. I’ve been a rabid marketer of my auto repair shop for years now, and I’ve turned a small 3 man show into a million dollar operation. All through using creative marketing ideas, and more importantly IMPLEMENTING them. I’m always amazed at how many people hear about a great idea, but never actually do ANYTHING. Let me give it to you straight, if your just looking for ideas to ‘make yourself feel better’ than look elsewhere, there’s lots of people that will be glad to take your money, BUT if you want to learn what it actually takes to make BIG money in the auto repair business, and still have a life from someone that’s actually done it? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Stick around and read the pages here and learn the secrets of auto repair marketing, and marketing your auto repair shop from the industries ONLY current auto repair shop owner and marketing expert.

- Bob